We'd love to have you on board!

A lot is happening at Limunt at the moment. We are rapidly developing and expanding the range of singers on our website Limunt.com

Limunt is a Danish booking company that differs from most other booking agencies. Instead of permanent bands and solo musicians, we have a large group of talented Danish musicians that we book from. The idea is to match each musician to the specific gigs that best suit each voice and expression.

But booking a singer for a party is a very personalised process - and the customer needs to be able to hear the different voices and expressions on our site.

See our current singer catalogue: https://limunt.com/da/musiker/sanger/

You are receiving this link because we would love to have you join us! 🎤⭐️

It's completely non-binding. You are not forced to do anything - only to be offered gigs. 

In the future, we will gather all our singers in a common Facebook thread where job enquiries will be posted. In the past, we've spent too much time writing to each individual - and we want to gather the communication in one place and reach out to many.

Are you interested in joining us? Then we would like to create a profile on our website for you. The only thing we need from you is:

1) A biography describing you as a singer

2) A selection of your most popular repertoire for a special wedding, wedding ceremony, birthday, company party, etc. Preferably between 30 and 50 songs.

3) At least two photos of you - preferably of you performing live.

4) Two videos where you can see you singing cover song - Preferably well-known songs that many people know (it just means more jobs) (Tip: Shoot a quick video of, for example, you playing in your living room with your iPhone with nice light coming in through the windows rather than sending a well-produced music video that doesn't show you as a person and is more about original music. People buy with both eyes and ears here - so a great-sounding video is important and preferably a song people know!)

Send all this to talent@limunt.com and we'll get you set up on the site. 

We can't wait to have you join us!

Here are the frequently asked questions:

1) What is Limunt?
Limunt is a booking agency owned by Frederik Flach (pianist) and Asger Søgaard Hajslund (guitar). We have been booking music since 2016 - through the concepts Jazzkollektivet, Popkollektivet, Sangerkollektivet etc. In 2021, we brought it all together under Limunt (short for Live Music Entertainment). We are active in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Germany.

2) What is the salary?
We always endeavour to offer a fair wage to our musicians. Often we will hear your price and try to negotiate it all. You are not forced to play at any event or at any price you don't want to.

3) Should I get in touch with the customer?
No, in most cases, we in the administration handle everything with the customer. This means negotiating, helping with song selection, being pragmatic about the conditions on site, sending contracts, invoices and payroll. Our musicians do what they do best: playing great live music!

4) What is your cut for each job?
Our cut varies a lot, as we do many different types of services. We see ourselves as a kind of event agency/consulting agency that often works directly with companies, hotels, etc. to prepare conceptualisations for the event, develop ideas, sparring, etc. We also have longer concert series at public venues. And then of course there are individual bookings. We do more than 300 gigs annually - and our cut averages around 20%. In other words, we're your employer - you decide which jobs you want. Just let us know what you think is fair for you and your level.

5) Can I be represented on your site and still run my own solo project, booking, management etc?
Yes - we work exclusively with live music in the event industry - and we're totally fine with you doing all sorts of things on the side. In fact, we prefer to keep it all separate for the sake of convenience. That way you can be represented a little more commercially with cover music here on our site and appear with your very own image on your own website, profile, etc. This is also one of the reasons why we only have first names listed on our site.

6) I have a really cool original project I'd like you to book. Can I do that?
As it is, we don't book original music - other booking agencies are far better at that than we are. We work almost exclusively with live music for parties - and cover music just works best for the vast majority of events. 

7) Can you record a professional session for me like you have done for many of the other singers on the website?
Almost all the content on limunt.com is self-produced. It has been important for us to build a good base of great sound and aesthetics in our expression and work from there. As it stands, we don't prioritise doing actual sessions anymore, as it's too time consuming and we're too busy with bookings. We're comfortable trying to expand our selection of specialised singers with people's own material. However, if you are still interested in a professional session, we offer that too. Read more here: https://limunt.com/da/produktion/

8) What about all the legal stuff, salary, etc?
After you have sent all your material to us, we will send you a link where you in the Liveforce app need to create a user, create a profile, enter your address, agree to some terms etc. Some of you may already have a profile here and will only need to create a page for you on our site. On the Liveforce app, you'll find all info in relation to payroll, info on each gig, etc.

9) I have several questions. Where should I contact you?
Send an email to talent@limunt.com and we'll try to help you.

10) How do you select the singers who are offered jobs?
See below

A) The musical level of the individual musician. 
The musical level is of course one of the most important parameters. The vast majority of musicians in our catalogue are academically trained - or in the process of becoming so. But of course there are also some self-taught musicians.

B) The individual musician's style, type of playing and expression
Being a professional musician requires much more than just being good at your instrument. We match each musician's style, playing style and expression to each job. But in general, we go for musicians who have a good stage presence, can adhere to dress codes and are accommodating to colleagues, bookers and clients alike.

C) The individual musician's ability to communicate
Communication is essential for a gig to succeed. We often book musicians who are quick to respond if they are available, if they can play a particular job or similar. It's also a requirement that musicians manage to give customers a good service experience at the job - for example by greeting them on arrival, coordinating the music with the contact person, etc. 

D) The musician's ability to be a team player
Playing music is a team sport. As a musician, you can't expect to just turn up at work, play your instrument and then drive home. You have to coordinate transport, technique, etc. Here it is important for Limunt that all musicians actively participate in making all the practical things work and are pragmatic and helpfull in case something unexpected arises.

E) Geographical location of the musician
We prioritise local anchoring - that is, we aim to use local talent to take on gigs

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