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Looking for the right solo musician for your party? There are many things to consider before making the final booking. Should it be a pianist, guitarist, singer or a completely different music artist? Limunt is here to help you! We have cast Scandinavia's most talented musicians! Let this page inspire you and click on each instrument to find out what kind of live musician is right for your event!

Find the right musician - and make your party a success! 

You're having a party and want to book live music! It's incredibly beautiful and present to have a real musician at your event - it simply lifts the mood and contributes to the good party - whether it's a small, quiet get-together or the big Christmas party. Anyone who has been to a party where a musician was hired to entertain knows that it's a whole lot different than just having a playlist playing in the background. Skilled musicians are able - even on the day - to adapt the songs and style to your event.

If you book the right musician, you're in luck: You've found the perfect person who will do everything to make sure you and your guests are pampered with great music. But how to choose? You probably already have a preference in terms of instrument. You've already got your pick of instruments. a singer, a guitarist, a pianist, a saxophonist, a cello, violin or something else entirely? Different instruments suit different events. It all depends on the function you want the music to serve.

The good news is that at Limunt we only book professional musicians, all of whom have played at plenty of events before. In fact, you can't go wrong. It's all about your preferences and, of course, what kind of party you're throwing. If you're still in doubt about which musician would be best for your party, we also offer free consultations - contact us and receive a no-obligation quote within 24 hours!

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Guide: How to book the best artist!

Hire a musician for your party - and treat yourself and your guests! It sounds easy, but many need help and sparring before they feel ready to book. Here, Limunt has put together a short guide to help you make the right booking.

Step 1) Choose instrument!

As you can see in our overview further up this page, there are many options. In addition to the typical choices such as sang, piano and guitar you can also book a saxophonist, a cellist or a violinist. In fact, in Limunt we also offer for example harp players, a bagpiper and other more exotic instruments for the more special events. But let's stick to the more common ones.

In Limunt we book a lot of solo singers. Typically a few songs to the wedding in the church or as a few hours of goodlounge music for receptions. Some of our singers can play the piano or guitar while singing. Singing is usually more outgoing than the other instruments, as it has words. Read more under Singerif you are interested in beautiful singing for your event.

Clover is good for background music during dinner, lounge music and of course as accompaniment to community songs. It is one of the instruments that can be used for the most different things and one of the most booked solo instruments we represent here. And it doesn't have to be soup-step-and-ice music on the piano. 

A guitar has a completely different sound - you can book guitarists who play Spanish/classical guitar, western guitar or of course electric guitar. The guitar is typically a little more subdued in sound than the piano - but can also be much more rhythmic and rocking, depending on the musician playing it.

A saxophone, cello or violin are slightly more unconventional choices that are usually booked together with other instruments. A saxophone is the epitome of delicious smooth jazz, soul and funk. The violin and cello are two of the core instruments in classical string music and adds style, class and presence to an event. In Limunt, we rarely recommend booking a solo saxophone or a solo violin, as the sound itself simply comes up short of another instrument. There may be very few exceptions, such as in a church hall, where the acoustics/room sound allow the instrument's tones to fill the entire room. The cello, because of its deep tones, can function better as a soloist.

Step 2) Consider wishes for songs

You're one step closer to hiring a musician. You've now decided what kind of solo musician you'd like to book. Now for a more personal choice: what songs, and what genre, do you want played?

The instrument itself, of course, has a lot to say. Some instruments are just better suited to certain songs. Think about the versions you've heard the songs in - which instruments do you hear playing? By listening closely, you qualify yourself to make better choices about songs.

If you are booking a musician to play between one and three songs, song selection is important as the music is concentrated in a short concert. Here you have a lot of influence on the song choice, as it is usually something your guests will gather around and maybe even a surprise for one of the party's main characters.

If you're playing for several hours as background, each song doesn't matter much - but you can give a hint about your preferences in terms of genre and style before you book. This way you make sure that the musician and the booker know your preferences for style - and at the same time the booking won't be too expensive, as the musicians don't have to rehearse many new songs, but can choose songs from their own, normal repertoire, which also match your preferences.

Step 3) Hire a musician suitable for the location

You have now chosen which instrument you want and have become wiser about your song choice. You now need to remember to book a musician with the right set-up to suit the location of your party. Where will the musician sit or stand? Do you have space for the musician to play throughout the dinner, for example, or do you need to make room for a performance between courses - or when the tables are removed and coffee is served. 

Another thing that is also important is the size of the room. Have you hired a huge room with high ceilings, a smaller room with wall-to-wall carpet, or are you having an outdoor garden party? This has an impact on how much equipment (speakers and so on) the musician needs to bring. If you want to book a guitarist for a party of 500, it's no good the evening's musicians bringing a small amplifier. More equipment is needed to make the experience consistent and enjoyable for all guests. Outdoors, the sound fades more quickly as there are no walls to ensure the music is reflected and stays in the room. Conversely, in a church hall, for example, singers and other instruments can often be booked to sing completely solo - also known as a cappella - because the room is designed for acoustic sound. 

Hire music for your party - solo musician, duo, trio or full band?

Many face a dilemma when booking music artists: should they book a single musician or a whole band? There is of course a natural difference between one person and four or five people playing. There's just more sound and party with a full band. But many people also forget the 'middle way', which is a duo or a trio. We book a lot of both and often recommend these 'in-betweens' when booking music for your party. It's often a good middle ground between the solo musician and a full band. In fact, our trio party band solution one of our most frequently booked as it combines a sound of acoustic lounge with up tempo dancing. A singer and a pianist is also one of our most booked duos, as it's a really good all-round live solution that has a wide repertoire. 

When you need to book music for a party, however, nothing quite beats a full sized band. It's something special to have a professional band at your party - whether it's a party banda jazz band or similar. 

Get help finding the best Scandinavian musician for your party!

When hiring music for a party, many questions, uncertainties and difficult choices can arise. It's essential to make the right choice when booking a music artist - after all, the party can't be done over. Limunt offers a new way to book music artists. We have gathered Denmark's most talented musicians and book music for more than 300 events in Scandinavia every year. We would love to match you with the right musical talent to make your party a success! Let yourself be inspired by the above options for booking solo musicians and do not hesitate to contact us by phone +45 40 71 14 57, or directly on this page. We wish you a great party!

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Booking music has never been easier!

Tell us about your event - we'll do all the legwork and find you the right musicians! Reach out to our team of experts who are ready to give you no-obligation advice!


Booking music has never been easier!

Tell us about your event - we'll do all the legwork and find you the right musicians! Reach out to our team of experts who are ready to give you no-obligation advice!

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