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Limunt books music for all kinds of events and it is natural that a lot of questions arise in connection with the booking, the choice of musicians, repertoire, etc. Below we answer some of the questions we get most often.
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The name Limunt originated as a contraction of the words Tove Music Entertainment. We have booked music since 2016 through the concepts Jazzkollektivet, Popkollektivet, Strygerkollektivet etc., but decided in 2022 to bring the activity under Limunt and create a better coherence and clarity of our many different offers.

We handpick our musicians from the great Danish talent pool. In the administration, we all have a background as professional musicians in a wide range of genres. Through our large network, the Danish conservatories, jam sessions throughout the country and by constantly keeping a finger on the pulse of the Danish music scene, we can ensure a high level every time. We make a virtue of onboarding each musician so that expectations are aligned from the start. The musicians must do what they do best: play great music - then Limunt takes care of all the administration around each performance.

Payment will fall after your event. You will receive an invoice from our administration. 

In most cases, it is possible to extend the playing time if you do not want the music to stop at the agreed time. However, as we only book professional musicians, there may be circumstances where this is not possible, for example if the musicians have another job later in the day, have an early job the next day or a voice that can't cope any longer. If you want to make sure you have the option to book an extra set of music on the day, we recommend that you arrange this with your Limunt contact so that both you and the musicians are aware of the option.

The prices we quote are in most cases inclusive of transport (to land bridges), VAT and engineering (up to 100 people). 

We tailor each specific offer - and book everything from a single solo musician playing a single song to live music over several days for larger events. Read about how we price here and contact us for a no-obligation quote.

We provide substitutes in case of illness, so you don't lose the music for your event. We have built up good procedures with our many musicians and have an action plan in case of illness. Our large catalogue of musicians means that in almost all cases we can find a talented replacement in a very short time. 

It's hard to give a clear answer, as we book solo musicians, traditional party bands and full orchestras of 9-10 people. A traditional band of 3-5 people should have at least 3×4 meters to stand on. A solo musician can manage on 3×2 meters. However, there are many factors that come into play when it comes to space - so it's best to have a chat with your Limunt contact. A concrete example where the above rule does not quite apply is when booking a party band: here we at Limunt always recommend placing the music in the same room as the bar, as this way you gather the activity and the party in one place - and get more people on the dance floor! If there are not quite 3×4 meters to stand on, we still recommend placing the band at the bar, even if the musicians need to sit a little close, to ensure the good party!

Typically in sets of either 2 x 45 minutes or 3 x 45 minutes. But it all depends on the function of the music: whether it's background music, a beautiful feature or party music to get the party started. We provide everything from a single heartfelt song for the wedding to music for 10 hours during a larger event.

You are always welcome to make suggestions for the repertoire - that way we get to know your tastes and try to include everything possible. However, we can't guarantee that we'll be able to fulfil all your wishes. We are often in dialogue with customers who are very unsure about the repertoire - and here we are helpful. After all, by booking more than 300 jobs a year, we know by now what works for different events. Our professional musicians are also good at reading the audience on the day and this way changes in the set list can occur while playing.

When booking an event with 1-3 songs for e.g. a wedding, we take a dialogue about what is possible - and in most cases we can meet your wishes.

The jazz concept Jazzkollektivet was what started it all in 2016. Then followed Popkollektivet, Strygerkollektivet etc. In 2022 we decided to bring all our concepts and booking together on this new site!

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Many factors can influence your choice of music for your upcoming event. Our experts can be contacted by phone or email for help in finding just the right setup to suit you and your guests.

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Didn't get an answer to your question?

Many factors can influence your choice of music for your upcoming event. Our seasoned staff can be contacted by phone or email for help in finding just the right setup to suit you and your guests.

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