Get inspired! How to book the best music and plan the coolest party!

We've been booking music since 2016 and have gathered a lot of experience, advice and inspiration on how to book the best music - but also how to plan the best parties, entertainment ideas and much more. 

Be inspired by our various guides, blog posts, package offers and popular bookings on this site.

Popular bookings

We book music for more than 300 events a year - and there are clear customer favourites among our many musical offerings. Interested to know what we book most of? Find out what kind of music is most popular for events in Denmark.

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We get a lot of fun requests, and some of them are quite unique. We take pride in solving many different kinds of tasks and have over time collected some of our funniest and most special bookings in a catalogue of ideas. Our many 'custom cases' give you an idea of the many tasks we are able to solve with our many musical talents. 

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Package offer

Many customers want different music during an event, so that there is a natural flow in the party, for example from the calm and relaxed to the more festive. We've gathered our most booked package deals here!

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