The foundations of Limunt were laid in 2016

The idea for Limunt came about back in 2016, when pianist and entrepreneur Frederik Flach founded Jazzkollektivet (The Jazz Collective) - a jazz community of young, talented musicians. Jazzkollektivet grew from a permanent band to a catalogue of jazz musicians across Denmark and Sweden - and became the place where many private and corporate clients booked jazz music for their events.

In 2019, we also launched other musical concepts that were based on genres. After much consideration, we decided to bring all the concepts together under one new brand. We found that many customers wanted to book more than one kind of music for their event, and then the decision was not so difficult. 

After many brainstorming sessions, we ended up calling it all Limunt - a contraction of Live Music Entertainment.

From our very beginnings in 2016, it has been important for us to bring talent together under one umbrella. This creates a space for a unique encounter between our artists and clients, an encounter that could not take place without Limunt.

2021 was an important year for us when guitarist and entrepreneur Asger Søgaard Hajslund became a partner. Together with Frederik, he forms the day-to-day management and defines the vision for the future. In addition, we are an international team of bookers and project managers who together are experts in matching just the right music for your event! Read more about our team here!

We book music all over the country, but the administration is located at our office at Nygårdsvej 52 in Copenhagen, where we are happy to offer you a cup of coffee and a non-committal chat about music for your next event, a proposal for a new collaboration or another great idea.

Our administration consists of a handful of dedicated bookers and project managers, all of whom are musicians or have a background in the music industry. At the same time, our team has a good sense of overview, service and clear agreements with both musicians and clients. Together, the entire team has experience from many thousands of performances on both small and large stages. This collective experience helps qualify us to help you make the right booking and create a unique event!

Common to all the music we book is our strong focus on talent. We want to retain and attract the greatest talents in many genres of music and therefore also make a virtue of prioritization the individual talents, which we are proud of at Limunt: musicians are only booked for what they do best.

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For many clients, we fill a 'gap' in the market by booking a wide variety of music without compromising on quality. This can only be achieved through the interaction between our administration and many talents. Together we ensure a high level, a high diversity and the possibility to meet many different requests.

Today Limunt is one of Denmark's most used booking agencies. We firmly believe that our different approach to booking live music is what sets us apart and makes us attractive in the industry. 

Limunt wants to create something more than just a booking company or a workplace - we want to create a community of talent and a whole new way of thinking about live music.

Do you want to be a musician in Limunt? Read more here!