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A christening or naming party is the first party of life for the new little one and an obvious time to gather family and friends for a pleasant time. When the child is so small, he does not really understand what is going on, but everyone is nevertheless gathered to see and celebrate the new addition to the family and show support and love to a new little world citizen in the absolute beginning of life!

Many want to add something extra to the christening – namely music! Community songs and hymns are obvious for both the christening and the subsequent christening party, but there can also be special songs that parents, friends or other close people want to be performed at the christening. 

Playing music for christenings is actually a difficult discipline, as the musician delivers a completely different performance than many are used to. The focus is on the very close and beautiful, and the musician does not have to be an entertainer or entertain in the same way as many expect at other events. 

When looking for music as entertainment for a christening, you typically book either a a pianist or guitarist to accompany the communal songs, or a singer to sing a few songs that have particular meaning to you.

For most people, it can be difficult to know whether a musician will fit in with your christening and whether he or she will be able to adapt to the ritual or the party - and at the same time play music that moves the guests.

Here we come in. Limunt is here to help. We have gathered more than 500 talented musicians in Scandinavia, each with their own special skills and strengths. We can help you book right, whether it's a a pianist, guitarist, harpist or singer.


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Why choose live music as entertainment for a christening?

Music brings people together and lifts the spirits, and can help make a christening more than just a traditional and predictable party, but a gathering for a shared musical experience that will be remembered for years to come. 

The Musician, singing or the small band can be a personal gift from parents, grandparents or friends to the little one - but of course also to all the guests, who can also enjoy the beautiful tones.

Our pianists or guitarists are often booked to accompany community songs and hymns, so participants are led through the songs by a professional musician. It is obvious to let the guests join in song, as singing together is solemn, creates atmosphere and gives a feeling of togetherness. 

Our many singers are most often booked to provide a personal touch outside the traditional hymn repertoire, but are also booked to sing along to hymns and songs. Perhaps as parents you often played a song for your child while the little one was waiting in mummy's tummy? Perhaps you have had a shared musical experience that you think characterises your family or the love you have for your child?

As you may have gathered by now, there are many choices for live music at a christening or naming ceremony - but either way, a musical performance makes the christening personal, intimate and present. 

Popular bookings for christenings

Choose music as entertainment for the naming ceremony

If you don't want your child to be baptised in a church, you'll probably end up having to name your child instead. The naming party is typically less traditional than the church christening, so parents can do what they want. Still, many choose to book music to have a natural and beautiful focal point for the naming party, so there's still something special for guests to gather around. Are you having a naming party and want some specific songs for the naming party that might not be suitable as community songs? Then booking a musician or singer! A musical performance works well during a naming ritual, as a feature during the meal or as a way to welcome people as they arrive at the naming party.

We welcome special requests and our small administration is ready to help you find both the best songs and the best singer for your upcoming christening or naming ceremony. 

Repertoire: Limunts most popular songs for confirmation

Top 10 songs for christening

  1. Barndommens Gade - Anne Linnet
  2. Buster - Nanna Lüders
  3. The Elephant's Lullaby
  4. Forårsdag – Anne Linnet
  5. Isn't She Lovely - Stevie Wonder
  6. Make You Feel My Love - Bob Dylan
  7. Eternally Glad Ladybird
  8. The Sun Is So Red, Mom
  9. The World is in Colours - Lis SØrensen
  10. What a Wonderful World - Louis Armstrong

Top 10 hymns for christenings

  1. All My Sources
  2. You Who Have Lit Millions Of Stars
  3. The Lord stretches out His arm/Small will He bless
  4. I Østen Stiger Solen Op
  5. Now Tits To Each Other
  6. Up all that stuff
  7. See Now the Sun Rises
  8. Sweet Sleep Barnlille
  9. Thank God For This Bright Morning
  10. Our Lord embraces the little ones

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Pianist or singer for christening?

Many people are faced with a difficult situation when booking live music for a christening: between the two most popular musical choices for a christening. Should they book a pianist, which can provide nice background music, or a singer who can sing a certain song? It can be hard to choose - but the two instruments can do different things, so it all depends on what kind of christening you're having and what you want the music to add. If you know that there will be lots of sing-alongs and occasional songs at the christening, booking a pianist for christenings be a safe choice. If you want a more personal performance with a specific song or just a performance that is a bit more outgoing and that people can gather around, we recommend you book a singer for the baby shower. 

Limunt has many talented artists affiliated with the category throughout the country: ssinger and songwriter. Some of them also play the piano while singing - so you have the option of booking a musician to both sing and play along. Read more about our singers here!

Through Limunt, you also have the opportunity to make slightly different choices than the typical ones with a singer or pianist. Classical music - for example a cello or violin, a harp or other instruments can be a beautiful choice for a more classical, aesthetic and romantic christening. 

Good and nice music!

Through Limunt, I booked a pianist who delivered delicious notes on the piano for the christening of our little daughter. It was exactly as we wanted it. Thank you so much for that!

Maria / Private event

Good singer for our christening!

We chose to book a singer through Limunt for our christening. The whole process was easy for us as parents - the right singer was found quickly and sang the two songs we wanted. Thank you!

Jens / Private event

Vocal and piano for christening

Limunt found just the right pianist and singer for our son's christening. We had the best vocal and piano accompaniment for community songs and hymns for our somewhat untraditional baptism ceremony. Thank you for atmospheric and great music that both we and our guests enjoyed!

Therese / Private commitment

Create a unique christening: book music through Limunt!

Are you considering booking live music for your christening, but still hesitating because you're not sure how to make the right booking or find the right musician? If you want a great christening with beautiful music, we recommend that you book the music through a music booking agency like Limunt. We have the experience to match the right musician or band for your event and your wishes.

We have more than 500 musicians - and not all of them are suitable for a christening or naming ceremony. We only choose musicians from our roster who can do the job and have done it plenty of times before. Our extensive network of performers ensures we make the right booking every time. You won't find such a wide catalogue of artists at any other booking agency in Scandinavia. We have done a huge amount of work to bring together all our talent, as we believe that every event is unique and requires the right music. 

Do you want a christening to be remembered with a musical performance that's just right? Limunt books more than 300 jobs a year and can help you get your booking right. 

Tell us about your upcoming event! We'll tailor a musical solution that's just right for your upcoming event.

Make sure you make the right booking and choose Limunt as your partner. After all, as we all know, the party can't be undone.

Contact Limunt by phone +45 40 71 14 57via mail or directly on this page. 

What is the price of live music for christenings?

Many of our customers ask how much it costs to book live music. A lot of factors come into play such as the number of musicians, playing time, transport, time, date, schedule and much more. Below you can see where Limunt's prices start from, as well as find answers to the most frequently asked questions.

The price starts from 4000 DKK incl. VAT.

It is recommended to book as early as possible if you have a very specific request for the music. This gives you the opportunity to consider the various options. We often get requests for music several years in the future. However, due to our large roster of musicians, we are also able to handle many last-minute requests with a few days' notice. Contact us for a no obligation quote today!

For a single musician we recommend at least 2 x 2 meters, for a band we recommend at least 3 x 4 meters. Remember to have an electrical outlet nearby and a roof if the event is held outdoors.

Get help booking the right music!

Choosing the best music for your upcoming event can be difficult, as several factors come into play. Reach out to our team of experts who are on the phone to give you no-obligation advice. Tell us about your event - and we'll tailor a musical solution that's just right for you!

    Get help booking the right music!

    Choosing the best music for your upcoming event can be difficult, as several factors come into play. Reach out to our team of experts who are on the phone to give you no-obligation advice. Tell us about your event - and we'll tailor a musical solution that's just right for you!

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      Get help booking the right music!

      Choosing the best music for your upcoming event can be difficult, as several factors come into play. Reach out to our team of experts who are on the phone to give you no-obligation advice. Tell us about your event - and we'll tailor a musical solution that's just right for you!

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