Become a musician in Limunt

Limunt is a Scandinavian booking company that is different from most other booking agencies. Instead of regular bands and solo musicians, we have a large group of talented Scandinavian musicians that we book from. We are always looking for new musicians to add to our large roster of talent. 

When selecting new musicians, a number of criteria come into play. 

A) The musical level of the individual musician. 
The musical level is of course one of the most important parameters. The vast majority of musicians in our catalogue are academically trained - or in the process of becoming so. But of course there are also some self-taught musicians.

B) The individual musician's style, type of playing and expression
Being a professional musician requires much more than just being good at your instrument. We match each musician's style, playing style and expression to each job. But in general, we go for musicians who have a good stage presence, can adhere to dress codes and are accommodating to colleagues, bookers and clients alike.

C) The individual musician's ability to communicate
Communication is essential for a gig to succeed. We often book musicians who are quick to respond if they are available, if they can play a particular job or similar. It's also a requirement that musicians manage to give customers a good service experience at the job - for example by greeting them on arrival, coordinating the music with the contact person, etc. 

D) The musician's ability to be a team player
Playing music is a team sport. As a musician, you can't expect to just turn up at work, play your instrument and then drive home. You have to coordinate transport, technique, etc. Here it is important for Limunt that all musicians actively participate in making all the practical things work and are pragmatic and helpfull in case something unexpected arises.

E) Geographical location of the musician
We prioritise local roots - that is, we aim to use local talent to take on playing jobs. The administration is based in Copenhagen- but we have gigs all over Scandinavia and therefore need musicians in all the nordic countries.

What does Limunt charge to book?
Limunt is a music industry consultancy. We don't book fixed bands and constellations, instead we match each artist to the individual job. We book jobs that are exclusively promo jobs, where Limunt finances the musicians' salaries. We book public gigs where the cut is not as high. Limunt also books B2B and B2C jobs, where the cut is usually higher. The average cut in Limunt is 20%. We always aim to pay a minimum rate. 

How and when will my salary be paid?
Limunt is responsible for invoicing the individual customer. Limunt's service is that the customer is not invoiced until the service has been performed. Once the customer has paid the invoice, the salary is paid to the musicians. The info on each job in the app tells you what you need to do to get your salary paid. The time of payment for gigs can vary - in some cases more than 30 days. If you are self-employed and invoice Limunt directly after the gig, please set a minimum 30-day payment deadline on the invoice. If you have any questions about payroll as a musician, please contact our payroll support at

If you want to be considered for playing jobs through Limunt, please send an email with a short biography, CV, your contact details, a few photos and a demo of you playing to

OBS: We receive a lot of requests at the moment and unfortunately we are not able to answer them all. However, we keep the relevant requests in our inbox and contact you if we think there is a job for you.

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