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If you want pleasant tones and a good atmosphere for your reception, good live music can be a good gathering point. There are some things you need to be aware of to make the best booking and ensure a great reception for you and your guests. First of all, you need the right musicians who are able to fill your reception with good music and who can also choose both the right volume and repertoire.

Although reception music doesn't take up as much attention as a party band, for example, it plays a key role in making people feel comfortable, welcome and in a good mood. At Limunt, we couldn't care less about the kind of music that plays in the background, like lounge music or for reception music. We see music as a necessary part of a successful event - whatever its function. 

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Live music as entertainment for wedding reception

Many people want to book music for their wedding reception. The reception is typically the place where guests gather after the ceremony in the church - and one of the first places on the wedding day where the bride and groom can start to relax, enjoy seeing their guests, maybe have some wedding photos taken and then look forward to dinner.

Live music for the wedding reception softens the atmosphere, ensuring a natural gathering point. Some choose a single musician, for example a pianist, cellist or guitaristothers choose a duo or trio to create a little more sound and atmosphere. Classical music is a safe choice as music for the reception for the wedding -  just imagine a string trio playing romantic music as you and your guests arrive from church. Another popular option is live jazzwhich is a little more informal in sound, but also a really stylish and cosy choice.

Popular bookings for reception

Book professional music for your reception

Music for the reception requires the right professional musicians. You need great musicianship, excess and a general understanding of events to keep the music at just the right sound level and ensure an expression so the music doesn't overpower the event or take up too much space. 

Limunt books music for more than 300 parties a year - including a lot of reception music. 

Whichever musician or which band, you end up booking for the reception, this music can often be combined with other music during the day - for example a singer for weddingmusic during dinner or a professional party band until later in the evening. See more under package solutionsif you are interested in a total offer.


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Book music for reception and create a good atmosphere

A reception can also be difficult for some people - who to talk to, where to stand and so on. By booking a musician or a band, you'll ensure that there's automatically a gathering point for your guests: you can listen to the good music, watch the talented musicians and, of course, talk to the other guests about the music. 

The important role of music at a reception is made very clear if you end up booking the wrong musicians. The wrong booking can spoil the good atmosphere and make people leave the reception early, or withdraw from the crowd.

If you book the right kind of live music and have good music playing at your reception, you'll find people chatting more, being happier and more welcoming. 

If you want to be sure to book the right music, you can contact Limunt to get a non-binding offer of live music for your reception.

Incredibly talented musicians

The musicians were in place behind the instruments as agreed when we arrived at the estate. They played beautifully, heartfelt and pleasantly throughout the wedding reception. They were also incredibly kind and welcoming to us and our guests. All of our guests enjoyed their music and we will definitely be booking music with Limunt for other family events and celebrations in the future.

Natasha / Private event

Absolutely perfect

For the anniversary reception at work we booked music through Limunt. A jazz band - great music - appropriate sound level and a lovely mix of bossa nova and traditional jazz which suited the event perfectly.

Anja / Corporate event

Makes the audience want to hear more

We booked a singer and a guitarist through Limunt to play at a reception. Really good musicians who leave the audience wanting more!

Josefine / Corporate event

Book a musician or band for reception music through Limunt

If you want to book music for a reception, you've come to the right place! Limunt books both solo musicians and bands that play music in the background, giving the reception just the right atmosphere. It can be a saxophone for the reception, which with a guitar and double bass gives the whole a cozy atmosphere. It can be a singer to the reception, which plays 2 x 45 minutes with a guitarist or a pianist. There are many possibilities for good music at the reception - as long as you book good musicians.

You can't say that it's 'easier' for musicians to play music in the background and at the reception, as it requires you to be constantly aware of your own role as a musician in relation to the rest of the party, the interludes along the way and so on. You contribute to the good atmosphere, but in short you know your place and function in interaction with the rest of the company. 

Shall we find the right reception music for you? Out of Limunt's hundreds of musicians, we match the best for your upcoming event. Contact us by phone +45 40 71 14 57, or directly on this page and let's find together the best music for your upcoming reception!

What is the price of live music for a reception?

Many of our customers ask how much it costs to book live music. A lot of factors come into play such as the number of musicians, playing time, transport, time, date, schedule and much more. Below you can see where Limunt's prices start from, as well as find answers to the most frequently asked questions.

The price starts from 4000 DKK incl. VAT.

It is recommended to book as early as possible if you have a very specific request for the music. This gives you the opportunity to consider the various options. We often get requests for music several years in the future. However, due to our large roster of musicians, we are also able to handle many last-minute requests with a few days' notice. Contact us for a no obligation quote today!

For a single musician we recommend at least 2 x 2 meters, for a band we recommend at least 3 x 4 meters. Remember to have an electrical outlet nearby and a roof if the event is held outdoors.

Get help booking the right music!

Choosing the best music for your upcoming event can be difficult, as several factors come into play. Reach out to our team of experts who are on the phone to give you no-obligation advice. Tell us about your event - and we'll tailor a musical solution that's just right for you!

    Get help booking the right music!

    Choosing the best music for your upcoming event can be difficult, as several factors come into play. Reach out to our team of experts who are on the phone to give you no-obligation advice. Tell us about your event - and we'll tailor a musical solution that's just right for you!

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