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A pianist who plays good and balanced piano music is a classic choice and an often booked option. Booking a pianist to play music on the piano is popular because it appeals to a wide audience, is balanced and rich in its sound and can work with many genres. Pianists can play both classical music, for group singing, delicious jazz piano or the more classic dinner piano, which is often associated with a dinner pianist or a cozy pianist. We have professional pianists throughout the country on call and look forward to helping you with the perfect booking!

Limunt's pianists are handpicked from the best in Scandinavia. They all offer melodic and stylish piano music, which provides a relaxing atmosphere. With one of our pianists behind the piano, you can be sure of both versatile and atmospheric music for your next event. Piano music will lift the mood and heighten the experience that this is a really nice party or cozy space to be in.

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Book good piano music for party

Pianists are often the first choice when you want cosy background music. On the piano, you can create a nice atmosphere and play a wide repertoire. The piano is also an ideal accompaniment to community singing and sing-alongs. The piano is therefore an obvious common denominator at festive occasions and the obvious instrument as a musical focal point for your event. Whatever the occasion or the mood you want for your event, Limunt takes pride in matching just the right pianist to your event. This is true whether you are looking for a pianist for fun, piano music in the background, pianist for reception, pianist for group songs, pianist for confirmation, pianist to staff day and much more.

There are many different styles of piano, and so-called 'lounge-pianists'. play very different repertoires, depending on their individual taste, the event they are booked for and special requests from the customer.

Popular piano bookings

Often booked: jazz pianist

At Limunt, we prioritise the talents who play the keys themselves and not just play backing tracks. In other words, you won't find any organ one-man-bands with us. On the other hand, we can guarantee a wide selection of Scandinavia's most talented pianists ? including Danish jazz pianists - who have all played at many events and are service-minded, accommodating and of course talented. Piano jazz is a typical choice of repertoire for our clients, as for some it can give the event a slightly more sophisticated feel - while at the same time appealing to many ages.

When you book a pianist with us, we can guarantee a wide selection of Scandinavia's best pianists, who are both welcoming and professional. All are competent performers of both classical and contemporary music, and experts in delivering well piano music for every unique social context.

Our pianists have a special ability to meet the audience at eye level. It is essential for them that the musical experience is sensual, present and relevant ? even when the piano music is ?just? serves as background music. Because even the most muted notes in the background of a room spread to those present and bring an event together in that special way that only piano music can. A piano's tones, can speak unnoticed to the heart, setting the mood and affecting the way we see each other and interact. The piano is an amazing and unique tool, whether in the front or slightly in the background. A true focal point, it also allows us to sing together, setting the scene for an event.

Contact us for a no-obligation chat about your upcoming event!

    Romantic music with piano: book pianist for wedding

    Many of our clients want a dinner pianist for their wedding - both because the piano as a solo instrument is incredibly versatile and a famous and beloved instrument, but also because the pianist can play along on any communal songs that may emerge. Live music at a wedding dinner is an ideal way to fill the room with good atmosphere - and is a great focal point for a romantic mood. Piano music affects our lives and our thoughts as soon as the first notes are struck. Then the heart beats in time with the music, whether it's an up beat tempo, jazz or quiet Danish hits from the classical or popular repertoire. 

    With the piano as a starting point, we at Limunt can specialise and organise your request and then book just the right pianist for your wedding reception, wedding dinner or wedding ceremony. Here, our skilled bookers are always ready for a detailed discussion, so we can be sure that everything will go smoothly and that everything will be as desired on the day. We can, because of our extensive experience in booking pianists, and piano, also provide you with inspiration for both repertoire and genre. We are also at your disposal to help you tailor the musical style to your wishes. It is this rewarding dialogue that ensures you get just the right pianist and musical experience for your event, ? regardless of your background and prior knowledge of music.

    Skilled and service-minded

    We booked a pianist through Limunt to play for our reception. The whole booking process was easy and the booker from Limunt quickly found a pianist who matched our wishes. On the day, everything went smoothly and we were greeted by a skilled and service-minded pianist. High praise to her and Limunt!

    Henrik / Corporate event

    Top notch!

    Completely implemented. The guests at our wedding were very impressed with the music from the church to the dinner where the pianist played. He adapted everything to our wishes and had prepared trap songs and more.

    Lars / Private event

    Sounded great!

    Through Limunt, I booked a pianist who delivered delicious notes on the piano for the christening of our little daughter. It was exactly as we wanted it. Thank you so much for that!

    Maria / Private event

    Book one of Limunt's many talented Scandinavian pianists

    Limunt books piano music with excellent Danish pianists for a wide variety of setups and events in Denmark. Some want the beautiful aesthetic created by light classical background piano music, and others want it played up to community singing with popular music or folk songs. The piano's tones convey many emotions and expressions, making it ideal as a mood-setter for various occasions.

    Limunt is ready with sparring based on your event and your wishes, whether it is live pianomusic for weddings, silver weddings, golden weddings, confirmations, birthdays, anniversaries, staff days, company gatherings, or quiet and atmospheric background music and cosy music for shop or gallery openings or receptions of any kind.

    We've made it easy for you to find the right pianist for your upcoming event. Contact us and tell us about the event ? and we'll get back to you with a qualified offer for a pianist that suits your taste and wishes.

    If you don't know any skilled pianists yourself, booking the right one can be a difficult task with many pitfalls. If you want to ensure a great event and avoid booking the wrong person, we recommend you choose a professional booking agency like Limunt - we book more than 300 events a year. Give us a call on +45 40 71 14 57, send an email to or contact us here!

    How much does a pianist cost for a party?

    Many of our customers ask how much it costs to book live music. A lot of factors come into play such as the number of musicians, playing time, transport, time, date, schedule and much more. Below you can see where Limunt's prices start from, as well as find answers to the most frequently asked questions.

    The price starts from 4000 DKK incl. VAT.

    It is recommended to book as early as possible if you have a very specific request for the music. This gives you the opportunity to consider the various options. We often get requests for music several years in the future. However, due to our large roster of musicians, we are also able to handle many last-minute requests with a few days' notice. Contact us for a no obligation quote today!

    For a single musician, we recommend at least 2 x 2 meters, but preferably more. Remember to have an electrical outlet nearby and a roof if the event is held outdoors.

    Get help booking the right music!

    Choosing the best music for your upcoming event can be difficult, as several factors come into play. Reach out to our team of experts who are on the phone to give you no-obligation advice. Tell us about your event - and we'll tailor a musical solution that's just right for you!

      Get help booking the right music!

      Choosing the best music for your upcoming event can be difficult, as several factors come into play. Reach out to our team of experts who are on the phone to give you no-obligation advice. Tell us about your event - and we'll tailor a musical solution that's just right for you!

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