The Perfect Music for Your Wedding: A Guide for Brides-to-be

Wedding music - what does it cost?

When planning a wedding, music is one of the most important elements that sets the mood for the day. Whether it's at the ceremony, reception, during the meal or after-dinner dancing, music plays a key role in creating the right atmosphere. But how do you choose the right music for your wedding and what does it cost? This guide will help you navigate the music choices for your big day.

Wedding ceremony music: Create a Memorable Start to the Day

The wedding ceremony is the moment you say 'I do' to each other, and music can help make the ceremony even more emotional and personalised. Many couples choose one or two special songs that mean something special to them to be played live by a musician. This could be a violinist, a singer or a pianist performing your favourite number.

Live music for the ceremony, romantic wedding songs

Getting a musician to turn up and play a single song at your wedding ceremony can be expensive. The cost of having a musician play a single song can be almost as much as having them play for 2 x 45 minutes. This is because the musician is already booked and in place, and the extra time they play doesn't make much difference to the cost.

Reception: Create the Perfect Atmosphere with Background Music

After the ceremony, the festivities typically continue with a reception where guests can mingle and enjoy some food and drink. Live music is a great way to create a relaxed and cosy atmosphere. A jazz trio, an acoustic guitarist or a small string quartet can be perfect choices to enhance this part of the day.

Live music for reception, relaxed wedding music

The musicians can play familiar songs that they already have in their repertoire, which is often cheaper than having them rehearse new songs especially for your wedding. If you have specific requests that are not part of the musicians' standard repertoire, be prepared that it may cost extra time and money as the musicians will need to spend time rehearsing the new songs.

During the meal: Create an atmosphere of elegance and calm

During dinner, it's important that the music is pleasant and doesn't drown out the conversations at the tables. A pianist or guitarist can play light instrumental pieces that contribute to an elegant and calm atmosphere. The music should be in the background and support the mood without dominating.

Wedding dinner music, elegant wedding music

The musicians can play a mix of well-known classics and instrumental versions of popular songs. This is often an affordable option as the musicians play songs they already know well. However, if you want specific songs that are not common in their repertoire, be prepared to pay extra for this.

The party: Time for Dance and Joy

When the dinner is over and the bridal waltz is danced, it's time to party! It's important to have music that can get guests out of their chairs and onto the dance floor. A live band or DJ can be the perfect choice to ensure a great party atmosphere. A live band can bring a special energy and dynamism to the party, while a DJ can provide a wide range of music to suit all guests.

Wedding party music, live music for dancing

The cost of a live band depends on the number of musicians and their repertoire. A larger band with more musicians is naturally more expensive than a solo artist or a duo. It can also be more expensive if the band has to learn new songs especially for your wedding. But remember that the extra cost is often worth it for the atmosphere and joy that live music can bring to the party.

How much does live music cost for a wedding?

The cost of live wedding music varies depending on several factors: the number of musicians, the duration of their performance, and whether they need to learn new songs specifically for your day. Here are some general guidelines:

  • Solo artist (singer/guitarist/violinist): 4,800-8,000 DKK for 2 x 45 minutes.
  • Duo/Trio: 8,500-16,000 DKK for 2 x 45 minutes.
  • Live band (4-6 people): 16,000-30,000 DKK for 2 x 45 minutes.
  • DJ: 10,000-15,000 DKK for the entire evening.

The immediate paradox when pricing live music for weddings is that the cost of having a musician play a single song at the ceremony can be almost as much as 2 x 45 minutes of music for the reception or dinner. This is because the musician is already on site and has booked the day for you, so the extra playing time is not as significant to the price.


Wedding music is one of the most important elements in creating a memorable and personalised day. Whether you choose a single musician for the ceremony, a jazz trio for the reception, a pianist for dinner or a live band for the reception, there are many factors to consider, including price, repertoire and the desired atmosphere. With the right music, you can ensure your wedding is a day you and your guests will remember forever.

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