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Guide to 80s music!

The 80s was a time of colourful costumes, big hairstyles and outstanding musical performances. The decade was characterised by a mix of pop, rock, heavy metal, hip hop and electronic music that created a unique sound and culture. 80s kids have now grown up - which is why many associate 80s music with something familiar, beautiful and unique - and for good reason!

80s music was characterised by big pop stars such as Michael Jackson, Madonna, and Prince, who dominated the charts with their catchy hooks and energetic performances. Rock music was also at the forefront, with artists such as Van Halen, Bon Jovi and Guns N' Roses creating a sound that was hard-hitting and energetic. Heavy metal was also popular, with bands like Metallica and Iron Maiden creating an intense and violent sound.

The 80s was the decade when the computer and synthesiser were used in music production. This gave a unique sound to much of the music from that period. If you are a real music nerd, you can recognise many of the sounds, presets and effects from the period and thus immediately determine that it is music from the 80s.

Danish music from the 80s was also a time of change. There were many Danish artists who broke through during the decade, including Tøsedrengene, Danseorkestret, Gnags and Sanne Salomonsen. These artists created music that was inspired by international trends, but also had a uniquely Danish approach. Danish 80s music was a time of a wide range of genres, from pop songs to rock music, and artists such as TV-2 and Gnags have had a major influence on Danish music ever since.

80s music was also known for its videos, which were often as impressive as the music itself. Music videos from the 80s were often filled with lots of colourful costumes, spectacular dance scenes and impressive visual effects. Music videos such as Michael Jackson's 'Thriller' and Madonna's 'Like a Prayer' are still well known and loved today.

Overall, the 80s was a decade of musical diversity and change that still influences music today. 80s music was a time of some of the most iconic and beloved artists and hits that are still played and loved today. It was also a time when music videos became an essential element of the music industry, opening up a new dimension to musical presentations.

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