Funeral: Songs and hymns

Songs and hymns for funerals!

Why choose music for funerals?

When we say goodbye to a loved one, music can be a powerful way to express our feelings and find comfort in difficult times. At a funeral or memorial service, the choice of songs and hymns plays a key role in setting the right mood and providing support to the mourners. In this article, we'll explore both modern songs and traditional hymns that can be used for funerals and argue why both types of music have their place in such a ceremony.

Top 10 modern funeral songs

Modern songs can be a touching and personal way to honour the deceased and share emotions with those present. Here are some examples of modern songs that can be suitable for a funeral:

  • Tears in Heaven - Eric Clapton
  • You Raise Me Up - Josh Groban
  • Hallelujah - Leonard Cohen
  • Angels - Robbie Williams
  • Let it be - The Beatles
  • Candle in the Wind - Elton John
  • Somewhere Over the Rainbow - Eva Cassidy
  • My Way - Frank Sinatra
  • Paper clips - Kim Larsen
  • Om Lidt - Kim Larsen

These modern songs can bring a contemporary feel to the funeral ceremony and help convey feelings and memories of the deceased in a personalised way. But in general, we at Limunt are always interested in starting with the deceased: was there a special song, a special artist, a special instrument or similar that meant a lot to them?

Taking the deceased's personality and musical tastes as a starting point makes the funeral even more present and personalised, giving everyone the opportunity to say goodbye and remember in a personal way.

Choosing unique songs for funerals and memorial services that reflect the interests and life of the deceased adds personal meaning and honour. It creates an intimate and memorable ceremony that honours the individuality and legacy of the deceased. Choosing songs associated with their hobbies, favourite music and life journey can create an atmosphere of honour and recognition that brings comfort and memories to the mourners. These unique songs provide a deeper connection to the deceased and add a special sense of closeness and love to the ceremony.

Top 10 hymns for funerals

Traditional hymns have a long history of being used at funerals and funeral services and can offer comfort and spiritual support to mourners. Here are some examples of traditional hymns that are often sung at funeral ceremonies:

  1. Lovely is the earth
  2. The blessed day with joy we see
  3. A rose I saw shooting
  4. Always cheerful when you walk
  5. Up, all the things that God has done
  6. In the East the sun rises
  7. Hail, Saviour and Reconciler
  8. Behold, now the sun rises from the bosom of the sea
  9. Now the forest is fading around the land
  10. The angel of light walks with splendour

These traditional hymns have a timeless quality and can provide a sense of unity and strength of faith in times of grief and loss.

Choose both hymns and more modern songs for funerals

Both modern songs and traditional hymns have their place in a funeral ceremony and can serve different purposes depending on the preferences of the deceased and the needs of those present. Here are some arguments in favour of including both modern songs and traditional hymns:

  1. Personalised CustomisationContemporary songs can be chosen specifically for their relevance to the deceased or for the comfort they bring to the mourners. Traditional hymns can provide a sense of continuity and connection to the past and can be particularly meaningful for believers.

  2. Variation and Diversity: By including both contemporary songs and traditional hymns, you can offer a wide range of music that appeals to different people and faith backgrounds. This creates an inclusive atmosphere and respects the diversity of those present.

  3. Emotional ExpressivenessModern songs and traditional hymns can both be deeply emotionally moving and help express and process grief. Having both modern and traditional music can accommodate different emotional reactions and needs of the grieving.

Choosing songs and hymns for a funeral ceremony is an important decision that can help create a meaningful and comforting experience for the mourners. By including both modern songs and traditional hymns, you can create a varied and personalised ceremony that reflects the life and values of the deceased while offering support and comfort to the mourners. Whether you choose modern songs, traditional hymns or a combination of both, music is a powerful way to remember and honour the deceased and find comfort during difficult times.

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