Confirmation entertainment

Ideas for good entertainment for confirmation!

When celebrating a confirmation in the family, many things must be taken into account: the fixed traditions that you know from a Danish confirmation - but also the very special traditions that you have in your family or social circle. Here we have gathered some ideas on how to create the best fun entertainment for a confirmation.

1) Why arrange entertainment for a confirmation?

Firstly, the basic question: Why is it a good idea to organise entertainment for a confirmation? The confirmand is at an incredibly vulnerable age in their early teens - wouldn't it be better not to? No, it wouldn't! Fun confirmation entertainment ensures that everyone has a fun confirmation party! The young graduate will be grateful to you for organising entertainment that takes the attention away from him or her a bit. And then it's just a great experience for everyone to have fun with each other and be entertained in good company. When choosing entertainment for a confirmation party, we have some tips and tricks to help you make the right choice. It can be difficult for many people to choose - whether they make their own entertainment or book professional entertainment for a confirmation party.

2) Classic confirmation entertainment from grandparents

The grandparents are bursting with pride that their grandchild is about to be confirmed. The slightly older generation in the family will probably remember their own confirmations vividly and will have stories and perhaps even a few tired anecdotes about how their confirmation was the transition to adulthood. 

Most grandparents choose to make a speech with stories from the graduate's childhood, past experiences and a wish for a good future. As grandparents, you can't go wrong with a fun speech - remember the three tips: As a speaker, you should:

  1. Stand up
    As a speaker, you naturally stand up so that the whole party can see you. You also speak loudly enough so that everyone can hear what you have to say.
  2. Look up
    A good speaker typically doesn't write full sentences on his or her paper, but sticks to keywords, so that you are more free as a speaker and are able to look up from your speech paper. 
  3. Stop (before the speech gets too long)
    The last piece of advice is one of the most important: They say that good party speeches last 8-10 minutes, but often five minutes can be enough.

If you want to avoid giving a speech, you can book a musical performance - for example, a singer who sings one or two songs from you as grandparents to the confirmand? Read more here!

3) Good entertainment for confirmation from parents

Unlike grandparents, parents are a generation closer to the young confirmand and have undeniably been around their boy or girl all their lives. As parents, you often have to plan the confirmation and make all the ends meet. You often have to book a venue, send out invitations, order food and drinks, make a seating plan and much more. In addition, many parents want to organise some entertainment of one kind or another. One of the most obvious choices is to write an occasion song for the confirmand from you as parents. A song for confirmation is a popular form of entertainment in Denmark. By writing a song for the confirmation, you get to say everything you want without it being too solemn as a speech can often be. Do you want a pianist for the confirmation, who plays for your song - and otherwise plays good background music for the rest of the day? Read more here!

4) Fun confirmation entertainment

If you're looking for inspiration for fun confirmation entertainment, a quiz or other game can be the best solution. A quiz can be unpretentious and be a good way to tell some fun anecdotes and details about the confirmation - whether it is a boy or a girl. If you choose to make a quiz for the confirmation, it is recommended that you divide the audience into teams so that everyone participates. The questions can be about the confirmand, but also about confirmation traditions, about some of the confirmand's great interests or the like. If the confirmand is to be on one of the teams, it is important that you organise the questions so that the confirmand does not easily know all the answers to the questions.

Another type of fun graduation entertainment is live music where all the guests can join in. Some graduation ceremonies are more low-key and background music well in. Other graduations end with a bang and a dance floor - most people prefer a party band

5) Organise a great confirmation party: book live music!

There are many options for fun confirmation entertainment. The right choice of entertainment is largely about what kind of party you want to create and who the confirmand is. Do you want fun entertainment for confirmation, festive entertainment for confirmation or just some general entertainment that appeals to a wide audience?

Many people choose to book live music for the confirmation, as music can really bring people together and create a good common experience for confirmation entertainment. The right musician or the right band creates a good common focus for the party - and ensures that everyone has fun and the talk goes. For busy grandparents or parents, it can be a good idea to book live music, as you leave the responsibility for entertainment to a professional musician who has played at many confirmations before. If you have been involved in the entire planning of the confirmation, it can be difficult to find time to create personalised entertainment. A musical performance can be the perfect party entertainment for confirmation.

We are happy to help you book the best music for confirmation! At Limunt you can book a unique musical experience of the highest quality! We have handpicked Denmark's musical talents. See more here!

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