Choose the right singer

How to choose the right singer for your wedding!

There's nothing more beautiful than having a singer play at your wedding. Having a musician sing a few of your favourite songs is empowering, beautiful, present and romantic. Or... it can be!

It can also go wrong if you make the wrong booking. Many factors can play a role, such as the singer's expression, style, whether the singer practices, arrives on time, sings as agreed, etc.

There's no guarantee that anything will go wrong, but it's all about making as clear an agreement as possible from the start, so that you and your partner can enjoy your big day.

A recommendation is always to choose a singer you have heard a demo of. The singer may not sing exactly the song you want in the demo, but you will get an impression of how he or she sounds and looks when singing.

It is a great matter of trust for a musician to sing the song for the wedding. That's why it's important to choose a singer who can give a beautiful performance for an intimate and beautiful event like a wedding is: one of life's great celebrations.

One way you can be sure of choosing a good singer is by booking through a professional agency. It gives you peace of mind to work with professional bookers and musicians. 

We will be happy to help you book a great singer for your wedding! At Limunt you can book unique musical experiences of the highest quality! We have handpicked Denmark's greatest musical talents. See a selection of our singers here!

Booking music has never been easier!

Tell us about your event - we'll do all the legwork and find you the right musicians! Reach out to our team of experts who are ready to give you no-obligation advice!