DJ or band for a party?

Choosing a DJ or band for your party?

Many people find themselves in a difficult situation when choosing music for their party: Should they book a musician or a band or just book a DJ? 

There are pros and cons to both - and generally speaking, the DJ is good at one thing and the band or musician is good at another.

With live music, you tend to get a more vibrant performance - the music is created right in front of you by live, flesh-and-blood people - and it's just more present. 

The DJ can be a more manageable solution, as you can typically send requests in advance and have them played on the day - in the exact version you've sung to in the bathroom 1000 times.

Of course, one thing that also comes into play when planning is budget - and a DJ is just cheaper than a full band.

If the budget allows it, Limunt recommends booking both. Having both a band and a DJ at the party is the perfect solution. The DJ can play before, during the breaks and after the band has played. This way, you get a lot of music for your money. The best DJs also listen to the band and adjust their playlist so they don't play the same songs the band has just played.

Whether you end up choosing a DJ or a band for your party, we recommend choosing a professional music provider who has been there before, so you don't end up booking a band or DJ who hasn't played out before. Have a great party!

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