Frederik Flach

Frederik has a background as a professional pianist and composer. He founded Jazzkollektivet in 2016, and that idea has since grown into Limunt in collaboration with the rest of the team. Frederik has an eye for detail and works primarily with establishing new partnerships and developing visual identities. You'll often meet Frederik when you're interested in working with Limunt. He is an expert in recognising opportunities in the field between live music and entrepreneurship. Frederik has a passion for concept development, marketing and communication.

Asger Søgaard Hajslund

Asger has worked professionally with music and entrepreneurship in a wide range of genres for many years. He has a background as a guitarist and singer in a wide range of bands and groups. Asger's attention to detail combined with a huge overview enables him to design new live concepts and cast musicians for our ever-growing catalogue. Asger is also co-owner of Gaarden Studios, which is a music studio and retreat for artists and creatives.

Maja Kjøller-Jensen
Booker & Project Manager, Denmark

Maja has worked in most aspects of event and project coordination, from concept development to the realisation of everything from small one-off events to festivals. When you are in contact with Maja, you will meet a smiling, structured and innovative booker and project manager who is passionate about creating the best experience for each event. Maja has a degree in Leisure Management and has previously worked as a project coordinator for Musik I Lejet, FestiVélo, Vintersol and in the fashion industry.

Sebastian Bang
Booker & Project Manager, Denmark

Sebastian has a background as both a professional musician and event organiser. With more than 100 jobs around the country, Sebastian has acquired a wealth of both practical and technical knowledge of show production. Combined with his time as an event coordinator and event organiser, Sebastian has a unique insight into both booking and coordinating each event. When in dialogue with Sebastian, you will meet an enterprising and pragmatic booker and project manager who loves meeting people and helping each individual make even the wildest ideas become reality. Sebastian has a background in both Madkastellet and collaborates with managements in the UK and the US.

Morten Urhøj
Booker & Project Manager, Denmark

Morten has a great curiosity and drive that he has built up over many years of working as a booker and musician in the music industry. Morten loves giving people great experiences with live music - both in terms of the dialogue with each customer and, not least, the music itself.
When you are in contact with Morten, you will meet a thorough, accommodating and service-minded booker who is professionally committed to ensuring a good experience and a clear match between the individual enquiry and the final agreement. In addition to being a booker, Morten is a drummer and has worked as a live and studio musician in many different contexts for over 25 years. 

Christoffer Modig
Booker & Project Manager, Sweden

Christoffer graduated from Malmö Academy of Music and has worked as a professional musician for many years. Christoffer has extensive experience in events, including through his work at Kulturcentrum Skåne. For several years, he has planned a number of concerts and cross-arts performances as both pedagogical leader and accompanist.

As a musician, he is a double bassist and has played in several bands and ensemble constellations in a variety of genres. Based on Christopher's experience as both a professional musician and concert organiser, he has acquired a unique skillset that enables him to help with a wide range of music requests. 

Hedvig Christiansen
Booker & Project Manager, Norway

Hedvig Christiansen completed her master's degree in violin performance in the spring of 2023, and now works both administratively within culture and as a performing freelancer. She is currently the general manager of Jæren Symphony Orchestra, and in autumn 2023 she will also be the producer of Conductor's Week in Stavanger. Hedvig plays mostly classical music, but also finds it both fun and rewarding to play a lot of different things, both in terms of genre and line-up. She has also played for many years in Spellmannslag, and thus has a solid background in the world of folk music.

Birgitte Njå
Booker & Project Manager, Norway

Birgitte Njå completed her master's degree in symphonic orchestral playing at the University of Gothenburg in spring 2018 and now works both administratively within culture and as a performing freelance trumpet player. She is currently the general manager of Insimul, and conductor and instructor at Stavanger Culture School. Birgitte plays mostly classical music and is a happy band musician, but also has experience in other genres.

Tara Lillebo
Booker & Project Manager, Norway

Tara comes from the jazz scene in Stavanger and Oslo with experience from many different bands and ensembles. With a bachelor's degree in jazz, she has also developed an interest and expertise in management, booking and events. Through working as both a musician and an organiser, her passion for creating a great experience has grown a lot. You will therefore feel a burning commitment if you meet Tara as a booker who wants to see you as an organiser and a person and give you the musical performances you dream of.

In addition, you will meet a competent team of talented bookers who will guide you in finding the right music for your event!

When you contact Limunt, you will be assigned a permanent contact person who will stay with you throughout the process. The booker is with you from start to finish and helps you make the right decisions in terms of number of musicians, playing time, genre and anything else that may arise!

We look forward to helping you book the right music!

Booking music has never been easier!

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