Traditions: Speaking order at weddings!

Speech order at a wedding!

Create the best wedding: Guide to speech order!

There's a wedding in your family or in your social circle! Whether you're the one getting married or you're the toastmaster for the upcoming big celebration, you need to help create the biggest party of your life - the wedding! But how do you ensure that the party runs smoothly and that special requests are fulfilled so that the party reflects the couple getting married and is based on wedding traditions? In this guide, which is written for the toastmaster-to-be - but can easily be read by the bride and groom - we will explore the importance of listening to the wishes of the bride and groom in relation to the flow of the party, give examples of a typical speech order for a traditional wedding and inspire you to create your own unique party with alternative sequences and traditions.

Listen to the bride and groom's wishes

The first step as toastmaster is to sit down with the bride and groom and listen to their wishes and expectations for the wedding party. It's their big day and it's important to respect their vision and personality. Maybe they want a traditional wedding with classic speeches and ceremonies, or maybe they dream of a more relaxed and alternative celebration. Either way, it's crucial to create a clear set of expectations and work together to customise a celebration that suits them.

Traditional Order of Speech

In a traditional wedding, the order of speaking often follows a set structure that reflects old norms and etiquette. Here is an example of a typical speech order:

  1. The host couple: The bride and groom or a representative welcome and thank guests for attending.
  2. Father of the bride: Traditionally, the father of the bride gives the first speech, welcoming the groom into the family and expressing pride and joy at his daughter's wedding.
  3. The groom: The groom thanks for the welcome and expresses his love and gratitude to the bride and their family's support.
  4. Best man/best man!: The best man gives a speech in which he or she shares funny or touching anecdotes about the bride and groom and wishes them all the best.
  5. Father of the groom: If the father of the groom hasn't already spoken as best man, he now has the opportunity to say a few words and wish the bride and groom luck.
  6. The bride: The bride thanks the speakers, expresses her love for the groom and may share some personal thoughts about the day.
  7. Other Guests: After the closest family and friends have spoken, it's time to open up for other guests' speeches or contributions.


Create your own speaking order!

But what if the bride and groom want to break with tradition and create their own unique celebration? Here are some ideas on how to vary the traditions and create your own sequence and celebration:

  • Common speech: The bride and groom can choose to give a joint speech where they express their love and gratitude to the guests together.
  • Include other speakersIn addition to the traditional speakers, the bride and groom can choose to include other close family members or friends to give speeches or presentations.
  • Surprise features: The bride and groom can organise surprise features such as musical performances, dance numbers or fun quizzes to entertain guests.
  • Alternative speaking order: There are no set rules for who speaks first or last. The bride and groom can experiment with the order and let guests speak at different times during the reception.
  • Themed party: If the bride and groom have a special interest or hobby, they can choose to theme the party and integrate this into speeches and speeches.

Create a memorable wedding

Whether the bride and groom choose a traditional or alternative approach to their wedding, the most important thing is that the party reflects their personality and love. As a toastmaster, your role is to support and guide them through the planning process and ensure the party runs smoothly. By listening to their wishes and creating a celebration that is unique to them, you can help create a memorable and unforgettable wedding for both the couple and their guests.

Conclusion: Coordinate with the bride and groom before the party and enjoy the day!

Weddings are a time to celebrate love and create lifelong memories. As a toastmaster, it's your job to ensure the party runs smoothly and fulfils the wishes of the bride and groom. By listening to their vision and being open to alternative traditions and sequences, you can help create a unique and memorable wedding that will be remembered for years to come. So go out and create the wedding of your dreams - the sky is the limit!

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