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When it comes to organising a corporate conference, it is crucial to create an atmosphere that is not only professionally enriching, but also engaging and memorable. Limunt, the leading music booking agency in the Nordics, is here to help you achieve just that by integrating live music at strategic points in your event.

Highlight Academic Content With Live Music: Three Optimal Times

  1. Introductory mood setter: Before the conference officially starts, it's ideal to kick off the event with some atmospheric live music to get participants to gather and open up communication. A relaxed jazz session or acoustic pop music can create the perfect atmosphere to break the ice and encourage early interactions.
  2. Midway Break and Energy Renewal: As the day progresses and attendees need a breather, it's crucial to keep the energy high. A mid-day break with live music can act as a refreshing break and revitalise participants with musical renewal. From pulsating Latin rhythms to soothing lounge music, there is a wealth of genres to choose from that can be customised to match the mood of the event.

3. Closing party and networking: When the conference comes to an end and it's time to network and mingle, live music can create the perfect backdrop for informal conversation and connection. Whether it's classical tones that create an elegant atmosphere or energetic pop music that gets people on the dance floor, the right music can help strengthen relationships and leave a lasting impression

A World of Musical Possibilities: From Jazz to Classical

Jazz music: With its improvisational nature and timeless appeal, jazz music is ideal for creating a sophisticated atmosphere and promoting open dialogue.
Lounge Music: Relaxed and atmospheric, lounge music is perfect for creating a relaxed atmosphere and encouraging immersion in conversation.
Pop music: Energetic and universally appealing, pop music can add a boost of enthusiasm and positive energy to the event.
Classical Music: With its elegance and sophistication, classical music can add a sense of timeless beauty and immersion to any event.
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To ensure the best musical experience for your next corporate event, it's crucial to work with a professional music booking agency. Limunt is ready to help tailor the perfect musical solution to suit your needs and expectations. Let's create a memorable moment together through music.

Every year we help create great experiences by booking the right music for conferences across the Nordic region. For us, it's all about matching the right talent to each request - some musicians are good at playing in the background, others are good at kicking up a storm and getting a party going. By booking music through, you ensure that you get musicians that match your event and the expression you want to showcase. 

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At Limunt, you can book unique musical experiences of the highest quality! We have handpicked Denmark's greatest musical talents. See a selection of our many bands and musicians on this page!

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