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Are you considering booking a well-known artist for your upcoming event? A celebrity artist can give you and your guests a little star power with a unique musical experience. Booking a celebrity artist can be overwhelming for most people - where do you go? Limunt has made it easy - we've gathered some of Denmark's most talented musicians - and more are being added all the time. We book famous Danish musicians for weddings, birthdays, corporate events, intimate concerts and much more.

If you can't find a specific artist on this page, don't worry - through our large network of bookers, managers, record companies etc. we can book most Danish artists, even if you can't find them on this list. Don't hesitate to contact us and hear about the possibilities. 

Book a famous Danish musician

Here's a selection of our wide range of well-known artists. Are you looking for a famous Danish singer or a famous band to sing a song or two at your wedding, good music for receptionsor a well-known singer like Nabiha or Wafande or similar who sings the coolest hits with his band in front of a packed dance floor?

Limunt has collected the best known Danish singers and bands on this page - and we're adding more all the time. Since 2016, we have been booking music - and over the years we have collected something for everyone. We book famous musicians for wedding, reception, private party, afternoon, Lounge, birthday, christening, funeral, anniversary, festival, award ceremony, Christmas party, concert, summer party, garden party, confirmations, housewarming, canal cruise, parade, pop-up concert, theme parties and much more! 

Many of the well-known artists we book offer to come out and play both with a full band - or in smaller crews. Sometimes just as a solo performance, other times as a duo or trio. All of the well-known artists perform all over the country, but most of them are of course based in either Copenhagen or Aarhus. 

Create a unique event with a famous Danish musician!

When you have decided to book a famous Danish artist to create a special experience, there are several things to consider before you can be sure you have made the right choice. Does the artist's voice and expression suit your event? What time will the artist play at your event? How many musicians will be performing? 

It can be difficult for most people to be sure they have made the right choice without professional advice. Fortunately, we can help. In Limunt we have well-known artists singing the latest radio hits, beautiful soul, delicious jazz, country, hymns and much, much more. 

Looking for some good event music instead, where it doesn't necessarily have to be a well-known artist singing? We can help with that too! Click on your event type in the menu at the top and read more about our top professional event music offers, where lesser known - but super talented musicians play at your party. We have singers and bands all over the country. 

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Get help booking a famous musician

It's important for your planning (and for your whole event) that you book well-known musicians in the right place. First, it's all about the selection. Some booking agencies have small rosters with very few artists on them. We've gone the other way and offer a wide range of well-known artists. Because we believe that with our large selection of professional musicians and with our skills and experience from booking music for +500 events, we are able to get you the right booking. From the first enquiry to the full production. When you contact Limunt you will be met by one of our skilled bookers who will help you make the right booking. Based on your wishes, your event, the location and your budget, we are able to help you, eliminate doubts, avoid mistakes and at the same time find the right match. We make a virtue of guiding you right - you will meet an honesty and sincerity which also means that sometimes we will recommend for example a smaller orchestra or a shorter performance to match your budget and location better. If you can't find the celebrity musician you had in mind, don't despair: we're constantly adding new celebrity performers to this page - and we have several lying around that we haven't yet put online. Contact us to hear more!

A band, a solo musician or something completely different?

As you can see from our selection of well-known artists, we have bands, solo musicians, duos, etc. Most of the artists offer to come with bigger or smaller bands and some even completely solo. It can be difficult for many to make the right choice here - but luckily we can help. The rule of thumb is that we only recommend booking well-known artists to sing solo if they can also accompany themselves on guitar or piano. If they can't, the artist will typically prefer to take a guitarist having a a pianist or guitarist to play with. This way you get two musicians for the event and ensure a varied, successful and beautiful sound.

Other times, a trio or full band of four or more musicians will be the right solution. It all depends on your expectations and the mood you want the music to create. It's not always the case that the more musicians the better. Often, the most expensive solution can be overkill and, for example, create too much distance between the famous artist and the other participants. In fact, for some events, it's a much more satisfying experience for both you and the artist to do an intimate pop-up concert or performance, without too much smoke and light show. 

Book the best Danish musicians at Limunt

We often book famous artists as a surprise for a wedding in church, outdoors, for a civil ceremony or for other private events such as. confirmations, reception, christening, funeral, or more in the background as lounge music. But we probably book most well-known artists for corporate events where the organizer wants more than just normal live music. 

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Contact us heresend an email to or call on the phone +45 40 71 14 57.

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How much does it cost to book a famous musician?

Many of our customers ask how much it costs to book live music. A lot of factors come into play such as the number of musicians, playing time, transport, time, date, schedule and much more. Below you can see where Limunt's prices start from, as well as find answers to the most frequently asked questions.

If you want to book music for your party - and it not need a famous musician - price starts from 4000 DKK incl. VAT. For well-known artists, prices are higher and many factors come into play. Contact us to get a concrete quote for your favourite artist. 

It is recommended to book as early as possible if you have a very specific request for the music. This gives you the opportunity to consider the various options. We often get requests for music several years in the future. However, due to our large roster of musicians, we are also able to handle many last-minute requests with a few days' notice. Contact us for a no obligation quote today!

For a single musician we recommend at least 2 x 2 meters, for a band we recommend at least 3 x 4 meters. Remember to have an electrical outlet nearby and a roof if the event is held outdoors. For well-known artists there may be other requirements for space, backstage, location, technical etc. Please contact us for more information.

Get help booking the right music!

Choosing the best music for your upcoming event can be difficult, as several factors come into play. Reach out to our team of experts who are on the phone to give you no-obligation advice. Tell us about your event - and we'll tailor a musical solution that's just right for you!

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Get help booking the right music!

Choosing the best music for your upcoming event can be difficult, as several factors come into play. Reach out to our team of experts who are on the phone to give you no-obligation advice. Tell us about your event - and we'll tailor a musical solution that's just right for you!

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