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Organising a music quiz can be a great way to get friends, family or colleagues together for a fun and engaging activity. Here's a guide on how to create the best music quiz, including different disciplines, tips for organising, and the option to book a musician or DJ to ensure everyone can join in.

Planning a music quiz

  1. Know Your AudienceThe first step in creating a successful music quiz is to know your audience. Are they music nerds, casual listeners, or a mix of both? This will help you customise the questions to suit their level of musical knowledge and interest.

  2. Select a Theme: A theme can make the quiz more exciting. It could be based on a specific genre, decade, or something more specific like film soundtracks. A theme can give structure to the quiz and make it easier for participants to focus.

  3. Create variationTo keep interest, the quiz should include a variety of different disciplines. Here are some concrete examples:

    • Sound bites: Play short clips of songs and let participants guess the title and artist.
    • Text snippets: Give participants a line from a song lyric and let them guess the song.
    • Album covers: Show images of album covers for participants to recognise.
    • Backwards MusicPlay songs backwards and see if participants can recognise them.
    • Instrumental Versions: Play instrumental versions of well-known hits and let participants guess the song.
  4. Prepare the questions: Make sure you have a good balance between easy and difficult questions. This will keep everyone engaged and ensure no one feels overwhelmed or bored.

  5. Use TechnologyUse a music streaming service like Spotify to create playlists for the quiz. This makes it easy to organise and play the songs you need.

Include a musician or DJ

To add an extra dimension to the quiz, consider booking a musician or DJ. This can provide the following benefits:

  • Professional Winding: A musician or DJ can help run the quiz professionally and make sure everything runs smoothly.
  • Live Element: Live music can make the quiz more dynamic and entertaining.
  • Interaction: A musician or DJ can interact with participants, create a good atmosphere and motivate people to actively participate.

A Fun Example: The "Finnish Polka Quiz"

A concrete and entertaining example of a music quiz is the "Finnish Polka Quiz". This concept can be found as a playlist on Spotify, where participants try to listen to which big hit has been interpreted by a number of Finnish polka bands. Here is a step-by-step guide to organising this specific quiz:

  1. Prepare the playlistFind the playlist on Spotify with a variety of Finnish polka interpretations of well-known hits - or create your own. Make sure the songs are different enough to create a challenge, but recognisable enough that participants have a chance of guessing them.

  2. IntroductionExplain the rules to the participants: they have to guess the original title and artist behind each polka interpretation. Give a few examples to illustrate the concept.

  3. Play the songs: Play each clip for approximately 30-60 seconds. This is enough time for participants to listen and discuss, but not so long that it gets boring.

  4. Reply roundAfter playing all the songs, review the answers together. Award points for correct guesses and possibly extra points for knowing the artist or year of the original hit.

  5. Awards and prizes: Consider giving small prizes to the winners to make the quiz even more exciting. This can be anything from concert tickets to music-related gadgets.

Organisation of the Music Quiz

  1. Split into Teams: To create a competitive spirit, participants can be divided into teams. This also makes it easier for people who may not be as confident in their music knowledge to participate.

  2. Time management: Keep track of the time for each round to ensure the quiz doesn't drag on. A good rule of thumb is to keep each round to around 10-15 minutes.

  3. Feedback: After the quiz, ask participants for feedback. What worked well? What could be improved? This can help you make future quizzes even better.

  4. Customisation: Be ready to adapt the quiz along the way, based on participants' reactions. If a discipline is too hard or too easy, adjust accordingly.

Get started with the music quiz

A well-organised music quiz can be an unforgettable experience for all participants. By knowing your audience, choosing an exciting theme, including a variety of disciplines, and considering involving a musician or DJ, you can create a dynamic and engaging event. The example of the "Finnish Polka Quiz" shows how a creative idea can spice up the quiz and make it even more entertaining. With the right planning and a little creativity, your music quiz can be a huge success, bringing people together through the joy of music.

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