Prices of music for parties

How much does it cost to book music for a party? Of course, many people ask us that question. Often we get the question as one of the very first. It's not that easy to answer, as there are so many factors involved. Below, we have tried to answer the questions that may occur when you try go get an idea of the fees for live music.

Live music for the party - what does it cost?

Want a price on live music for a party? In Limunt we book everything from solo musicians, who sing a single song, to really big events where the music lasts several days. At Limunt, we don't think there are any standard events. We always tailor a unique offer to you and treat every request we receive with curiosity and sincere interest - because we want to find the music that suits you and your event best.

The internet is full of booking portals, booking agencies, home-made websites for bands or solo musicians and much more. It can therefore be incredibly difficult for most people to separate the skilled and talented musicians who creates the best events and parties with their live music, from the hobby musicians and amateurs who offer to play at parties but are mostly out playing for their own pleasure - in the same way that people can have a hobby alongside their real job.

In line with this, it is natural that Limunt is not among the cheapest in the industry. If we were, we couldn't attract and work with all the talented musicians we have the pleasure of booking. In our large roster of more than 500 musicians, you will only find talented musicians who work in music on a daily basis. All our musicians have music as part of their professional work. This is reflected not only in the high musical level, but also in the general professionalism one can only achieve by having played at many hundreds of events on both small and large stages.

Having said that, we are also far from being the most expensive in the industry, as we believe that live music should be experienced by everyone. Most of the time, you will receive a quote from us with slightly different solutions and different prices depending on the number of musicians and the length of the performance. Our prices start from 600 euro incl. VAT.

Limunt also offers various package solutions, which can make the total booking of different music cheaper, simply because it is cheaper to book the music together through Limunt, rather than obtaining quotes from different suppliers. 


What is your budget?

Do you think that live music is too expensive for you - and way beyond your budget? You're wrong! You can book many different music solutions to suit different budgets. You can adjust both the number of musicians and the time the music is played for. For example, a six-piece amateur band for 4 x 60 minutes may well cost the same as a professional four-piece band for 3 x 45 minutes. Of course we recommend the latter, as a good band can really create the best events, and the wrong booking can make your guests leave the party early. 

If the final price is important to you, it can often be beneficial to turn the question completely around: tell us your budget. Then we'll have a price range to navigate and will get back to you with some concrete offers that best match your budget range. 

What is the price of music for weddings?

When you get married, you often hear the phrase: Everything is expensive for a wedding. The clothes are expensive, the flowers are expensive - is the music also extra expensive at a wedding? No, fortunately not. In Limunt we do not charge extra for booking music for weddings. We think it's unfair for brides and grooms to be charged an extra wedding fee over and above what it normally costs to book music.

Are the prices for music at weddings 100% similar to other events? No. Music may be more expensive for a wedding than for a birthday party, for example, if you have special requests for songs or instrumentation that our musicians have to rehearse to perfection. For example, if you have a special song that means a lot to you that you want performed. Similarly, a wedding bouquet can be extra expensive if it has to be composed of special flowers that the flower shop does not normally have. The price of live music for a wedding starts from 600 euro including VAT.

If you choose to book music for your wedding through Limunt, you're guaranteed a professional and confident process from your first enquiry to after the last song is played on your big day. We look forward to helping you find music for your big day!

Get a price - receive a quote from Limunt on music!

Do you want a price on music entertainment for your party? At Limunt we make contracts for all agreements, and all payments are of course made by invoice. Our bookers in the administration all have experience from the music industry and can ensure predictability by being at the forefront of most formalities so that no problems or too much coordination arise last-minute.

Our focus on making transparent agreements - and getting to know your expectations for the music for your party and guiding you to the right booking, ensures that the musicians have all the necessary info to make your event special.

Our large roster of musicians includes a wide range of the most talented. We are conscious of our ongoing responsibility to maintain such diversity and professionalism both in the office and on stage. That's why we're not the cheapest in the business - nor do we really want to be.

However, we can guarantee unique musical experiences for your event!

Not all requests are the same, and therefore we cannot provide standard prices. However, we promise to get back to you within 24 hours after you have contacted us!. We look forward to putting together a non-binding offer for you. 

Booking live music has never been easier!

Tell us about your event - we'll do all the work and find the right musicians for you! Reach out to our team of experts who are ready to give you free advice!


Booking live music has never been easier!

Tell us about your event - we'll do all the work and find the right musicians for you! Reach out to our team of experts who are ready to give you free advice!