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Wafande has won the hearts of Danes with his big hits, brilliant personality and unique voice. On stage, he is one of Denmark's best entertainers, mesmerising audiences with songs like 'Se Mig I Dag', 'Django' and 'En Anden'.

In 2011, Wafande became a huge success with the summer hit 'Give me a smile'. The following year, he proved his ability with the platinum hit 'Naughty'. Since then, Wafande has become a household name across Denmark, especially after coaching Voice Junior on TV2 for three seasons.

Wafande's love for music is evident in his compositions and lyrics, as well as on stage with his band. He is one of Denmark's strongest live performers and surprises audiences time and time again with his amazing performances.

Since his gold-certified debut album "Du Ved Det" released by Universal Music in 2011, Wafande has emerged from the underground and is now well known throughout Denmark. In 2014, he released his second album 'Nyt Land'. In 2015, the soulful single "Himlen for mig selv" from the EP "Grand Danois" was released and immediately became "Uvundgåelige of the Week" on P3.

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Below is a selection of Wafande's most popular songs. Please note that the artist does not necessarily have all of them on the setlist at the moment. If you want your favourite song played, please contact us in good time to hear if it is possible. 

  • 1000 Years
  • All Our Heroes
  • The First Lovers
  • The First Night
  • Eric Cantona_Freestyle
  • Photograph Of You
  • Laver Penge
  • Little Heart
  • Millionaire
  • My Name in Light
  • Night train
  • Enough In Mine
  • Now We Two
  • When I Look Back
  • When the lampposts are switched on
  • Revolver
  • Sir It With It A Song
  • Take What You Want
  • Take Me Away
  • Wait and See
  • Eye On You
  • C'est La Vie
  • It's My Life
  • Your Day
  • Django
  • An Andes
  • A chant
  • Finding My Way
  • Full Fire
  • Gadedreng
  • Give Me A Smile
  • Heaven For Myself
  • Why not?
  • Jamica dance
  • Get down to the water
  • Come and take me
  • Only a Dream
  • Let you try
  • Long Way Home
  • Little sister
  • Loco
  • Lumumba's Murderers
  • Happiness Is
  • My most dangerous place
  • Now Denmark
  • On the Beat
  • See Me Today
  • Naughty
  • Without ID
  • The wolf is coming
  • Under the Sun
  • The overturning of a lorry

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